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Meet The Crew

Chin Yang

Producer, Director, Actor, Screenwriter, Stunt Coordinator

Chin has been in the film industry for over 10 years and has worked as an Actor, Screenwriter, Producer, Director, and is the CEO of Clean Slate Productions LLC. He studied Acting for 4 years at Wayne State University. He and his cousin/business partner, Dau Yang, specializes in pushing the limits of his cast, crew, and script to create the best quality for audience entertainment. He plans to involve Clean Slate Productions with the local film industry to showcase Michigan talent.

Producer, Director, DP, Editor

Dau is one of the original creators of Clean Slate Productions. Dau started filming with his partner/cousin Chin Yang since 2011. This led to more film creations and soon to Detroit’s 48 hour film festivals. From there on, Dau and his team went on and won a few awards from the festival. Dau also has his own freelance company “Illumified Pictures” which he shoots and directs short films, photography, and music videos. In addition to short films, he has also directed music videos for local artists in Metro Detroit. 

Dau Yang's Reel:

Dau Yang

Image from iOS.jpg

Corey Milton

Producer, Director, 1st AD, Editor

After Corey Milton graduated from Specs Howard School of Media Arts, Corey's career began in radio as a audio engineer. After being recruited to film concerts and artist interviews, Corey fell in love with the camera. Corey has worked on several short film productions in the Metro Detroit area, Freelanced to do anything from Sound and Grip, to Director and Producer. In addition to working for Entercom, and freelance film, Corey is a Educational Paraprofessional, teaching film and radio at Warren Consolidated High Schools.

Cody Raymond Hudson

DP , 1st AC, 1st AD, Actor, Editor

Cody Hudson is a director, writer, actor, and a director of photography from the Metro Detroit area working for the company Clean Slate Productions LLC.  Cody has had a passion for film since he was just a little boy in a large world, and he began acting at an early age in middle school participating in different plays, being involved in drama club-- and he continued to stay down that path through high school. In his collegiate years, he attended community colleges and took acting/speech, writing, and film courses to expand his knowledge. He is still currently attending school, in which he plans to major in business and minor in film. He began his career in the film world in early 2013 and participated in various Michigan-based film competitions, one mainly being the 48 Hour Film Festival. Towards the end of 2016 and early 2017, Cody served as the camera operator for the MST3000 lookalike - Tromasterpiece Theatre.  Cody also works on music videos with his production team at Clean Slate Productions LLC, with the most recent one being for the local artist Fancy, in which he worked as a camera operator.Currently, Cody is working on the tentatively titled One Night as the screenwriter and director, which is currently in pre-production and about to begin its casting phase. 

Bart Woinski

Bart Woinski is a graduate of The University of Michigan with a degree in Film Studies and Journalism. There, he learned of his love for writing and film production and had the opportunity to gain professional experience with M-1 Studios, as well as several other professional production companies after graduating. It was also around this time that Bart was invited to join Clean Slate Productions, and has served as an audio technician, script supervisor, assistant director and more. Some of his favorite films include The Evil Dead, Reservoir Dogs, and Rear Window."

1st AD, 2nd AD, Script Supervisor, Editor 

Camera Op, Grip, PA

Andrew has been very passionate about the film industry and has joined Clean Slate Productions to fulfill that desire. He has recently left the underground wrestling realm to pursue a film career as a versatile crew member. As a recent graduate of Specs Howard School of Media Arts, he plans to put his knowledge to good use.

Andrew Lee

Jonathan Detherage

Jonathan "Jon" has his own youtube channel and has recently involved himself more with the film industry. He has been the one to capture most of what goes on behind the scenes for Clean Slate Productions. He is a skilled Drone Operator with an eye to capture a perfect scene. When he is not shooting BTS footage, he becomes a dedicated member of the crew and helps out where he can.

Camera Op, Drone Operator , Grip, BTS Camera

Brendan Lamb

Sound Mixer, Audio Designer , Boom Operator 

Brendan joined Clean Slate Productions after working on last year's 48 Hour Film Festival 2nd place winner, Fly Boys. He worked on the audio and sound mixing for the film. He is a graduate of Eastern Michigan with a Bachelor's Degree in Audio Design and Sound engineering. He is the Boom Operator when he is on set as a vital member of Clean Slate Productions.

Brandi Jean

Makeup Artist , Special Effects Artist 

Brandi has been with Clean Slate Productions since 2016. She is a talented make up artist for over 5 years and has worked on numerous films to hone her craft. She is a dedicated member of the group and loves to work with blood and scar make up.  

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